Strums Deli and Meats


Besides giving the best one on one customer service around, we do offer some services that would help with throwing a party, having a holiday dinner or just saving some hard earned cash. 

NOTE: If you would like to order one of the platters below, please call us and do not email us. We recommend talking over the phone so we can confirm all the details of your specific order. 413-532-8020.

Deli Platters

Platter #1 - Cold Cut for 12-15 People

1lb Roast Beef

1lb Imported Ham

1lb Turkey Breast

1lb American Cheese

Garnishes Included


Platter #2 - Cold Cut for 18-20 People

1.5 lbs Roast Beef

1.5 lbs Imported Ham

1 lb Turkey Breast

1.25 lbs American Cheese

Garnishes Included


Platter #3 - Cold Cut for 25-30 People

2 lbs Roast Beef

2 lbs Imported Ham

1.5 lbs Turkey Breast

1 lb American Cheese

1 lb Swiss Cheese

Garnishes Included


Platter #5 -  24 Finger Roll Sandwiches

Your choice of:

Chicken Salad

Ham Salad

Seafood Salad

Tuna Salad

Egg Salad


Platter #7 - Kielbasa and Cheese for 18-20 people

5lbs Sliced Kielbasa (Strums or Blue Seal)

2 lbs Sliced Cabot Cheddar (Sharp or Mild)

1 lb Sliced Boars Head Horseradish Cheddar

Dipping Sauce (Brown Mustard or Horseradish)


Platter #4 - 20 Half Sandwiches

Your choice of:




Garnishes Included


Platter #6 - Veggie Platter for 15-20 people or 25-30 people







Dip Included