Strums Deli and Meats


This page is dedicated to the variety of meats we carry and what each cut it intended to be used for. Each item is listed and followed by a brief description.

NOTE: Prices are not listed as they change quite frequently with market fluctuation.


London Broil

This steak is cut thick and is meant to be marinated for a at least 6 hours for maximum flavor. It has a very robust flavor and is best cooked medium to medium rare.

Cube Steak

A thin cut of top round and run through our cuber twice for a nice crosshatch of needling. This steak can be pan fried or grilled, it is lean and can be dry so eating this with a gravy of some sort is recommended. 

Stew Meat

Cubed pieces of bottom round for a nice beef stew. It's lean but not too lean as some marbling can be seen throughout. Slow cooked on the stove or crock pot for best results.

Sirloin Steak

The best entry level steak there is in our opinion, it's not going to break the bank and yet it remains as one of the most flavorful cuts we carry. Grilled is our recommendation for cooking and consuming medium to medium rare is on point.

Sirloin Tips

Comes from the underside of the Top Butt where the Sirloin Steak comes from except these cuts usually have more marbling and are a little more tender. They are much smaller in comparison to the Sirloin Steak so we recommend 2 per person, cooked up to your tastes.

Boneless Ribeye

Easily our most popular steak. Loaded with marbling and a nice top cap for that extra tender section that everyone loves. Our Ribeye steaks average about 1 pound and around an inch thick. Cook these medium for best results. This is a steak right here.

Bone In Ribeye

Same as above but with that nice curved bone that some people really enjoy or maybe your dog does after you pick it clean.

NY Strip Steak

A great piece of meat that you can say is a "T Bone without the Bone". Not too big..not to small and packed with flavor, this is second in popularity to the Ribeye and for good reason. Not too heavy on the fat and is uniform in marbling. Medium Rare is our pick.

Filet Mignon

Our most tender cut with very little fat. A hint of marbling makes it even that much better. It is the most expensive piece of beef we carry but for good reason. You can't go wrong with Filet, even if you overcook it, it's still very tender and flavorful. A great steak for topping with horseradish or blue cheese. Wanna impress your guests, tell them you're making Filet Mignon.

Shaved Philly Steak

Located in our freezer, we slice up some tender Chuck nice and thin, perfect for those steak and cheese grinders. 


Boneless Pork Chops

A chop that can be grilled as is, put a dry rub on it, or maybe even marinate it. Truly a "chop" of all trades. Juicy and flavorful. Cut around 1" thick and we leave a little fat around the backside for that nice charred pork flavor when cooking on the grill.

Bone In Loin Chops

Traditionally this cut has more marbling and fat that a boneless chop but the flavor is immense. Grill these up and the bone will add a little extra juice to each bite. This chop also has a small "Loin" area which is the dark meat on the other side of the bone. 

Bone In Rib Chops

Same as above but minus that dark meat we talked about. Some people prefer only the lighter meat so this cut would be for them.

Country Style Ribs

The ends of the loin get cut into ribs, Country Style ribs that is. Generally fatty but very tender and juicy. Put these on the grill, crockpot, bake em, whatever you feel like doing that day. Super easy and throw a little BBQ sauce on em and you got quite the meal.

Boneless Country Style Ribs

The end of the boneless loin get cut into these little guys. They are half the size of their bone in brethren but just as tasty. Grilled and basting them with BBQ sauce every other minute or so is our recommendation.

Homemade Italian Sausage

Our own recipe for either Hot or Sweet Italian Sausage. Each link is made by hand and packaged with care. We recommend these for the obvious dishes, pasta, grinders, onion and peppers, and so forth.

Pork Tenderloin

The smallest part of the pig is the best. The Filet Mignon of the pork world. These come in packs of two and in whole pieces. You can cut them into medallions, make a roast, make ground pork, finely chop for a modified pulled pork dinner, whatever you feel like. Either way it's gonna be good.

Pork Shoulder

Our boneless pork shoulder is the number one thing guessed it! Pulled Pork! Throw a few pounds in the crock pot for the better part of the day and it's so tender it just falls apart. Mix with a nice BBQ sauce and put some on a roll for a great pulled pork sandwich.


Boneless Chicken Breast

Our Skinless Boneless Breast is lean and super juicy. Ask us to cut them into strips for chicken fingers, filet them for chicken parm, or cube them for a stir fry or soup. Grilled is our preferred way of preparation and make sure the interior comes up to at least 150 degrees.

Bone In Breast

It's chicken with the skin AND the bone, great flavor is guaranteed. Cooking these on the grill or baking them is the way to go. Shred them after you cook em for chicken salad. Just a suggestion.

Bone In Split Breast

Same as above except we split them for you so you can divide them up for all your dinner guests, they also cook a little quicker than leaving them whole.

Leg Quarters

Our large chicken leg quarters are packed with flavorful dark meat and are really easy to prep. Just grill them and baste with BBQ sauce for a crispy skin that will remind you of the Fourth of July no matter the time of year.

Party Wings

These wings like to party and by party we mean get devoured at a football party. These are the big wings with tons of meat on them. Bake them with a dry rub and toss them in your favorite BBQ sauce right before serving. We've been told by many that these are the best wings, EVER.

Whole Chicken

Our little chickens average about 3.5 to 4 pounds in weight. Roast them whole or have us cut them up for soup or just to cook each part individually.